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Strannik reaches a significant waypoint signalling a course change ahead.

When I passed the ownership of Heritage Expeditions Ltd to Aaron and Nathan (my sons) in 2019, I took delivery of MV Strannik, a 24 metre yacht designed and built specially for me and expedition travel. We had some very special international expeditions planned for Strannik, sadly Covid-19 interrupted those plans and for the last couple years we have been enjoying exploring Fiordland, Stewart Island and the Sub Antarctic.

Maintenance work on Strannik before setting sail on new chapter

However, it’s time for Strannik to leave NZ. Initially we are headed for the Pacific, but have plans to continue on from there, just where to and when we aren’t sure. We are not advertising any more expeditions, rather we are just going to follow our dreams and our interests. We have launched this new website (same name, different content) to better reflect this new course.

This change of course does not signal the end of expeditioning opportunities on MV Strannik. From time to time we will promote opportunities for people to join us either as crew (a great way to build mileage and gain experience if you are wanting to upskill/upgrade your qualifications) or as expedition members on a particular leg or to explore a specific destination. These opportunities will be listed on our web site as well as announced by email.

With every significant course change comes new opportunities and new horizons.

- Rodney


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