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Fiordland 2022

We are back in Fiordland, a destination we know and love intimately. We have a “friends and family charter” which started in Preservation Inlet a couple days ago.

After a magnificent flight in by helicopter to the head of Long Sound the group has enjoyed:

  • the fascinating relics of the Tarawera Smelter

  • the hospitality (from the lodge caretakers) and history of Cromarty and the Goldfields

  • a walk to the Puysegur Point lighthouse

  • a fossick around in Cuttle Cove

  • the site of NZ’s first land based whaling station

  • a scramble to the remains of the Morning Star Gold Stamping Battery and the history of the pre European skirmishes by the feuding Maori tribes.

As I write this we are in Chalky Inlet before heading north to Dusky Sound.


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