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About MV Strannik

Strannik is a Russian word, it doesn’t translate easily into English. It is sometimes translated as “Wanderer” on other occasions it is translated as “Pilgrim”.  A Strannik is a person travelling in search of knowledge and wisdom.


There is no better word nor way to describe our vessel and our company. Both have been born out of a natural curiosity and love of the natural world, history and travel. 

We invite you to follow our progress as we journey around the world, or come and join us for a leg if the opportunity presents itself.

Image by Greg Becker

Want to Join Us?

From time to time we will be offering specific crewing or cruising opportunities on MV Strannik. Check out our page to see if there is an opportunity that might suit you. 

About the Crew

Strannik Ocean Voyages is owned by Rodney Russ, biologist, historian, author and adventurer.  Rodney was the founder and former owner of Heritage Expeditions and has had over 30 years’ experience in the expedition travel industry. Rodney is joined by marine engineer Simon Truebridge. 


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